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Arcadia T8 12% UVB Tube

Arcadia T8 12% UVB Tube

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Made in Germany for superior quality!


  • For desert species sun basking species such as Bearded Dragons and Blue Tongue Skinks.
  • 12% UVB for synthesis of Vitamin D3
  • 30% UVA
  • Produces excellent natural colours
  • Great source of UVB and UVA

Desert reptile species in particular are naturally exposed to strong sunlight and require relatively high concentrations of UV-B light and so should be kept under a 12% UV-B lamp.

  • 12% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3
  • Full spectrum lamp
  • Produces excellent natural colours

As a full spectrum lamp, the Arcadia 12% Reptile lamp simulates sunlight. This provides good colour rendering for viewing the vivid colours of your reptiles and their environment.

The colour temperature of 7,500K approximates the mix of direct and indirect light from a bright, cloud free sky.

Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ T8 lamps have been specifically designed with animal health in mind. Arcadia are proud to have the world’s highest output T8 lamps in 6% and 12% UVB.

Visit the Arcadia Lighting Guide for checking species and UVB tube requirements at the heights of your terraria. 

Lighting Guide - Arcadia Reptile