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Arcadia T5 14% Dragon UVB Tube

Arcadia T5 14% Dragon UVB Tube

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The most powerful UVB bulb on the market, this 14% T5 tube is designed for high end UVB output, suitable for high UV output species such as Bearded Dragons.

This species need a higher UV Index level, and these bulbs produced a better level than any other available. 

Use in an arboreal vivarium, where a pet can move further from the range, this won't be a problem.

This is a bright lamp with a 8k kelvin colour, meaning your pet is visible in a pure light without any fake tinting, and will also help with live plants, creating a great natural environment.

Please ensure you are able to provide the minimum distance from dragon to tube to ensure health issues due to high UVB output.

Fits T5 light fittings. 

Visit the Arcadia Lighting Guide for checking species and UVB tube requirements at the heights of your terraria. 

Lighting Guide - Arcadia Reptile