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API Turtle Sludge Destroyer

API Turtle Sludge Destroyer

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API TURTLE SLUDGE DESTROYER cleans your aquarium or vivarium using beneficial bacteria, which breaks down organic waste and debris to reduce maintenance and establish cleaner, clearer water. Product also helps eliminate odors from your tank.

Add 1 ml. per 2 gallons or 1 tsp. per 10 gallons of aquarium water. For best results, dose weekly, or when performing a water change. For extremely dirty vivariums/aquariums, dosage may be doubled.

API Turtle Sludge Destroyer is safe for use with aquariums, paludariums, vivariums, and aquatic terrariums housing aquatic turtles, newts or aquatic frogs. Use weekly and with each water change. Double dosage for quicker results or extremely dirty turtle aquariums.

Sizes: 118ml and 237ml