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Arcadia LumenIZE JungleDawn Smart LED Bar

Arcadia LumenIZE JungleDawn Smart LED Bar

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The LumenIZE® version of the globally trusted JungleDawn LED bar has been redesigned to increase light production and therefore PAR. As a result, you can trust Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE® JungleDawn LED Bar to deliver unparalleled plant growth results whilst also greatly brightening a cage, being inspiring to natural basking and providing usable energy for plants and animals. Linking the LED bar to the LumenIZE® ProT5 will allow you to provide wild-like levels of bioavailable energy, over the terrestrial UV and visible spectrum, and then having total control of how it does so through the simulation of naturalistic solar cycles. 


 Plants require energy to photosynthesize and Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn LED Bar with   LumenIZE® certainly provides energy! An updated spectrum and output of the LED    diodes to create an even more accurate and brighter lamp, this means more PAR below   the lamp. 

The LumenIZE® enabled JungleDawn LED Bar has been redesigned to exceed expectation. More light, a great spectrum, water resistance to the IP65 standard and full, totally smooth dimming control via the Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE® app. Pair with the LumenIZE® ProT5 and create an energy rich, vibrant energy provision for your plants and animals and have exact control over each lamp by name.  

A new IP65 screw in power cable and link cable has been designed to offer even more protection from water and humidity ingress. Just as with ProT5 with LumenIZE®, the LumenIZE® enabled JungleDawn LED Bar stores your programming within each lamp and backs this up with a small exchangeable battery. If a power cut happens, the memory within each bar is maintained. When the power is restored, the lamp will illuminate/ or not at the correct part of its programming.  

Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn LED Bar with LumenIZE® control can be linked to other LumenIZE® LED Bars and LumenIZE® enabled ProT5 UV-B systems. 

Provide smooth energy rich solar cycles, emulate the seasons and look forwards to seeing energy savings when compared to fixed voltage options.  

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