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Arcadia LumenIZE ProT5 Smart UVB Kit Forest 6%

Arcadia LumenIZE ProT5 Smart UVB Kit Forest 6%

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The Arcadia ProT5 reptile UVB kit is tried and tested as a product and the LumenIZE upgrade simply brings it to life. Updated electronics, updated reflector angles, increased water resistance to the IP65 standard, full App control via the LumenIZE app and a new easy change locking lamp change process. Whats more, the programme that you set for your species is stored within the ProT5 itself and not your phone. This means that the lighting will simply carry on running through its cycles until you decide to change them.

This optimised system also has a battery back up, if your house has a power failure the programme will carry on running and the lamp will go right back on at the right position when power is restored.

Provide the UV Index that your species needs and know that the LumenIZE enabled ProT5 will not only deliver midday values in a safe and measured way, as always, but that it will run smoothly through the sunrise and sunset that your animal requires.    

The new easy change lampholder will decrease lamp fitting time but also decrease accidental lamp damage.   

Use the average output charts per % of UV-B lamp to see at a glance the average quantity of measured energy found per lamp wattage and % of UV-B at distance and of course per % of output. 

Take full control of your reptile’s lighting with the intuitive Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE app, providing seamless control and customisation via your smartphone or tablet. The LumenIZE app can control up to 50 units per device, includes optional password protection, name each lamp and has helpful additional functions such as manual control per lamp, a lamp test function and a notes section. 

6% UVB suitable for lower UVB requiring species such as Frogs. For a UVB guide check out Arcadia Reptiles website which has an interactive tool to select species and suggested UVB.

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