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Arcadia PureSun 20w Compact Bird Lamp

Arcadia PureSun 20w Compact Bird Lamp

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For over 20 years Arcadia Bird has designed and made the very finest bird lighting technology, all with the aim of improving the welfare of pet birds kept in the home. Arcadia Bird lamps are now available for use worldwide.

The updated "PureSun Bird Compact" has:

  • Increased Light Output -Improved Spectrum -German Phosphors
  • Upgraded Glass
  • Robust Electronics


Produces excellent natural colours and iridescence -2.4% UVB and 12%UVA for optimal avian use -Improves feeding and breeding behaviour -Electronic - zero flicker, even to the eyes of the bird


The use of a light source that mimics the natural UV content of sunlight has recognised health benefits, and provides birds with a more natural view their surroundings, encouraging natural behaviour and in many cases improved breeding results.

Unlike normal fluorescent lamps, the Arcadia Bird Lamp uses special UV emitting phosphors to replicate the spectral pattern of sunlight with 12% of the total light output emitted as UV-A and 2.4% UV-B.

Suitable for use in a ceramic holder.

Size: 20w