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Fernwood Soft Punga Substrate 40L

Fernwood Soft Punga Substrate 40L

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Fernwood Soft Fern Substrate **Great for Terrariums!**

Fernwood Soft Tropical Terrarium Substrate is made from the fibrous stem of the kuripaka, a native New Zealand tree fern.

  • It has the ability to hold moisture without becoming waterlogged.
  • It is slow to compost.
  • It’s smell and texture encourage natural burrowing.
  • It absorbs waste and diminishes odours.

Suitable for Frogs, leopard geckos, water dragons and blue tongues!

This is an amazing substrate to plant in which plants flourish in with growth.

All Fernwood Products are manufactured from New Zealand Tree Fern which is sustainably harvested from privately owned forests

Size: 40L bag