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HabiStat Temp Thermostat Classic White 600w

HabiStat Temp Thermostat Classic White 600w

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The HabiStat Temperature Reptile Thermostat is an on/ off switching device, that can be used with a variety of heaters in your reptiles habitat.

It has an accurate dial calibrated in both Farenheit and Celcius. Ideal for controlling heat mats, heat emitters and other low powered heaters up a maximum load of 600 watts.

This thermostat is not suitable for controlling light bulbs. The constant turning on and off of the light bulb would not only distress your animals, but would cause frequent failure of the lamps. This, in turn, is very likely to make your thermostat fail - for light bulbs we recommend our other Dimming Thermostat.

This unit has a probe to place within your terrarium where you wish to control temperature from. Unit is complete with a plug to plug your heat source into.

Max load for unit is 600w.

Colour: White