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Mazuri + Aracdia Tortoise Food Combo Package Deal

Mazuri + Aracdia Tortoise Food Combo Package Deal

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Mazuri + Aracdia Tortoise Food Combo Package Deal

Feed the best in nutrition using this combo food deal!

Mazuri tortoise pellets are food so delicious your tortoise will come running. This food is designed with the right balance of vitamins and minerals to support your tortoise's overall well-being. This food supports eyes, skin, gut health, and normal growth in tortoises. Plus, the large particle size is made with a flavor that your tortoise will love! With no added colors or artificial flavors, you can put mealtime worries behind you!

Combine this with natural Arcadia Optimised 52 Tortoise Food for boosted fibre and nutritional content. A wild diet of this type is very high in fibre, low in protein, sodium and fats. Natural geophagy is also a vital supplier of essential minerals and vitamins, mostly from the B group.

Optimised52 comes pressed as individual tiles. Tiles can be fed dry to those animals that enjoy dry plant material and with very large animals as enrichment. Optimsed52 has however been designed to be rehydrated into a nutritious mulch. Simply add in the water to the tile in a cup or feeding bowl. When hydrated simply stir the mix and feed.

This combo is suited for Greek and Herman tortoise.

These can be soaked together or fed dry.

This deal is for: 

1 x 500g Mazuri Tortoise Food (formula 5M21, clear bag from bulk supply)

1 x 250g Arcadia Optimiesd52 Tortoise Food