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Topflite Lori Mix DRY 2kg

Topflite Lori Mix DRY 2kg

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Topflite Lorikeet Wet Mix is a premium bird feed specially formulated for lorikeets.

Lorikeet Wet bird feed is a high-energy blend of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. Breadcrumbs, rice flour, Supa Protein and glucose combine to deliver a food that satisfies their nutritional requirements. All you’ll need is water, veges and fresh fruit for a well-balanced diet

  • High energy blend for lorikeets
  • Add water and fresh fruit for a complete feed
  • Mimics natual nectar diet of lorikeets
  • No soy added
Ingredients: Glucose, Breadcrumbs, Maize Flour, Supa Protein, Egg Powder, Milk Powder, Yeast.
Contains no soy products.

Typical Analysis: Protein 11.7%, Fat 3.86%, Fibre 0.77%