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Arcadia PureSun Compact Lamp Reflector Kit

Arcadia PureSun Compact Lamp Reflector Kit

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Arcadia PureSun Compact Kit is the latest evolution in effective compact fluorescent lighting technology by Arcadia Bird.

PureSun Compact Kit arrives as standard with the PureSun Compact reflector hood and clip on metal safety grill, bolt secured cage adapter with switched lamp holder and a genuine Arcadia bird PureSun-Compact 20W lamp.

FEATURES: Produces excellent natural colours and iridescence. -2.4% UVB and 30% UVA for optimal avian use. -Improves feeding and breeding behaviour. -Full spectrum.

INCLUDES: Light Fitting -Highly Efficient Reflector -PureSun-Compact Lamp -Lamp Holder & Bracket -Safety Grill

The uniquely designed bolt through cage lamp holder ensures safety and stability through the anti-tamper two-part wire clamp. The lamp holder itself is fitted with a switch for ease of use. The clip-on safety grill has been designed to allow as much light through into the cage whilst also protecting the lamp.

PureSun Compact Kit can be used over most small to medium sized wire cages and for smaller species of bird. These include Budgies, cockatiels, conures, Senegal, Canaries, finches, small doves and more.