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Arcadia Basking Solar Flood

Arcadia Basking Solar Flood

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The Basking Solar Flood lamp will provide ambient heat to an enclosure as a wide flood source. The lamp has an inviting warm colour and uses standard E27 fittings. These lamps have been designed to provide a good quality of heat and can be used with a thermostatic controller. These lamps produce essential supplementary UVA to aid well-being and colour vision and should be used alongside a species appropriate Arcadia Reptile UVB system.

Care should be taken with all heat sources. A caged lamp holder should be used to protect the animals and keeper alike from the risk of burns. Thermostatic controllers should be used to regulate the required temperatures and should viewed as “essential”. Care should be taken to protect these lamps from water splash and ingress. If you have a very humid or aquatic environment the Arcadia Reptile Halogen heat spot range is more suitable.

These lamps should be placed so that they are facing directly downwards, this will help to increase the life expectancy of the lamp.