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Topflite Wild Bird Seed Mix COARSE

Topflite Wild Bird Seed Mix COARSE

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Grown in the rich soils of Coastal Otago, our Topflite seed contains more nutrients than imported seed and provides birds with the trace minerals and vitamins they need to stay healthy. This is the perfect snack food for your friends in high places.

This premium mix of top quality seeds provides essential energy to wild birds so they can thrive within your garden and throughout the wild. As imported seed is heat-treated at the border it also loses some of its nutritional benefits. New Zealand-grown seed doesn’t need heat-treating and so retains all of it’s natural goodness.

In a Topflite bird feeder this seed will nourish a large range of common (and sometimes uncommon) New Zealand garden birds. Winter feeding is the perfect time for ensuring your seed is out but it’s also helpful to keep your feeder topped up year round so your local high-flyers can find it when they need it.

- Smaller seeds for the little mouths of smaller species

- Can attract the following species: Chaffinch, dove, duck, goldfinch, greenfinch, goose, pigeon (feral), pigeon (native), rosella, pukeko, pheasant, silvereye, sparrow, swan, thrush, tui, yellowhammer

Ingredients: Wheat, sorghum, canary seed, oats, barley, panicum, radish, weedseed, oilseed rape, NZ sunflower.

Typical nutritional analysis: Protein 15.2%, Fibre 10.3%, Fat 16.6%