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Coxiprol Solution

Coxiprol Solution

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Coxiprol is effective against the major strains of coccidiosis that infect poultry which include Eimeria.tenella, E.necatrix, E.acervulina, E.maxima and E.brunetti.

Turkey: effective against E.adenoides, E.gallapavonis and E.meleagrimitis.

How do you know if Cocci is present?

Are your chooks lifeless, sleepy, have runny droppings, or off their food and drink, maybe fluffed up, pale combs or blood in their droppings? These are some of the signs of Coccidiosis and can be fatal. Adult Chickens can also suffer with Coccidiosis during stressful times, moult and generally when their immunity is down.

Coccidiosis is a parasite that lives in the soil that can affect all poultry, including newly introduced birds and particularly juvenile chicks.


Always read the label before use. 

  • As soon as coccidiosis is diagnosed medicate the drinking water at the following levels.
  • Severe outbreak: add 40ml Coxiprol per 20 litres of water.
  • Moderate outbreak: add 20ml Coxiprol per 20 litres of water
  • Follow up treatment: add 10ml Coxiprol per 20 litres of water
  • Treatment should be for 5-7 days at the 40ml/20 litre level or 20ml/20 litre level followed by 7-14 days at the 10ml/20 litre level.