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Vetafarm D Nutrical Supplement

Vetafarm D Nutrical Supplement

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Vetafarm Calcium, vitamin and mineral bird supplement.

Use D’nutrical to fortify any food source with calcium, vitamins and minerals. Ideal as a maintenance supplement or for use during breeding (particularly useful for calcium supplementation in breeding birds and growing chicks).

Key Features: Supports birds on seed diets that lack in key nutrients. Triple calcium sources promote high quality eggshell production, strong bone formation in young birds and general good health. Easily dusted onto food sources.

Directions: Use twice weekly for maintenance and daily during breeding.

Introducing D’nutrical: Start with a dose of 5g per kg of feed and gradually increase to 20g over 6 feeds.

Maintenance dose: Add 20g of D Nutrical per kg of food to boost active calcium levels.