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Topflite Dutch Formula Soft Food 1.5kg

Topflite Dutch Formula Soft Food 1.5kg

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Meet the original and time-proven blend of cereal, vitamins and minerals for breeding birds and young chicks. Topflite Dutch Formula Soft Food is the perfect conditioning and rearing soft food and the best way to give birds a healthy start in life.

This high protein blend helps bring adult birds to peak breeding condition for breeding, and raise healthy, robust chicks. It’s easy to use as a conventional soft feed or as part of hand rearing – simply add boiling water to create a crumbly, easy to digest meal.

Feeding guide:

Mix with boiling water to a crumbly consistency, 1 teaspoon soft food to 4 teaspoons boiling water per bird.

Ingredients: Cereals, Dextrose, Vitamin supplement, Seeds, Milk powder, Egg powder
Contains no soy products

Typical Analysis: Protein 24.10%, Fat 8.60%, Fibre 2.20% Calcium (mg/g) 4.60