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Earthpro Flower Boost 60g

Earthpro Flower Boost 60g

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A blend of nutritious flowers with optimum nutrition for plant eating reptile species!

Feeding herbivorous and omnivorous animals has always been a challenge. Many species have developed over vast periods of time to benefit from a great deal of dietary variance. For many of us we simply do not have access to a wide enough species of plants.

Following on from the huge success of DragonFuel, we are delighted to introduce FlowerBoost into our range here in NZ.

FlowerBoost is a mix of hard to find dried flowers and petals. Use as required to ‘Boost’ the daily diet or as a treat on its own.

It can also be mixed into DragonFuel and OmniGold. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, FlowerBoost does not contain any phytic acid and it is very low in oxalates. Oxalates are not good for reptiles in high amounts because they prevent the uptake of important minerals from an animal’s food to its body during digestion. This makes it very safe to feed.

100% Natural ingredients:

Marigold Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose flowers, Red clover, Cornflowers.

Suitable for:

  • Tortoises
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Blue Tongue Skinks
  • Water Dragons

Size: 60g