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Topflite Finch Mix

Topflite Finch Mix

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Small but mighty, finches provide hours of enjoyment. Look after your feathered bundles of joy with the very best seed mix designed for these active little birds.

Topflite Finch Mix contains essential seeds to help replicate how finches would eat in the wild. Added to the mix is white French millet for a dose of essential minerals and red panicum for a dose of carbohydrates to keep. As part of this carefully researched mix these ingredients combine to provide the finest finch meal.

  • A premium quality grain and seed mix designed for finches
  • Finches love the mix of sweet and nutritious seeds
  • Free from dust
  • New Zealand grown products

Ingredients: Canary Seed, Panicum, White French Millet, Red Panicum, Japanese Millet, Oilseed Rape, Linseed.

Typical Analysis: Protein 13.5%, Fat 7.4%, Fibre 7.3%