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Arcadia Heat Lamp Safety Cage

Arcadia Heat Lamp Safety Cage

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Protect your reptile from hot lamps!

The Arcadia Reptile Heat Lamp Safety Cage is an easy to use, stylish product that fits simply over a lamp and lamp holder (Ceramic Lamp Holder Pro). Helping to reduce the risk of burns, heat cages are an essential item for all heating lamps when used inside of a vivarium.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Full wire safety cage for heat lamps
  • Suitable for heat lamps up to 150W
  • Sprung door for lamp removal

The Cage has a sprung door on the bottom to allow and easy change of lamp and has flat eyelets for fixing screws.

The cage also has a gateway for the power cable keeping everything neat and tidy.

Remember, always use a suitable Thermostatic control system with heating system and a cage to protect both animal and keeper.


Height 220mm  Width 120mm