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Topflite Kiwi Soft Food

Topflite Kiwi Soft Food

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Kiwi Soft Food is a high protein soft food for breeding birds and young chicks. It’s a great budget alternative to other soft food options, meaning you can keep costs down while keeping standards high

Simply add boiling water to Kiwi Soft Food to create a crumbly, easy to digest meal. This high protein blend helps bring adult birds to peak breeding condition and raise healthy, robust chicks. Use as a conventional soft feed or as part of hand-rearing.

  • Conditioning and rearing soft food
  • Designed for breeding birds and young chicks
  • Add boiling water to create a soft meal

Feeding guide:
Mix with boiling water to a crumbly consistency, 1 cup soft food to 4 teaspoons boiling water per bird.

Ingredients: Breadcrumbs, Supa Protein, Oilseed Rape, Bran, Glucose, Maw.
Contains no soy products.

Typical Analysis: Protein 25.90%, Fibre 7.10%, Fat 3.00%, Calcium (mg/g) 4.70.