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Live Waxmoth Larvae

Live Waxmoth Larvae

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Wax worms are the perfect treat for your reptile or amphibian pet. A great source of lipids, wax worms are a fantastic way to fatten up your pet or put some weight on a female after laying eggs or giving birth. Wax worms are like junk food for your reptile or amphibian - feed sparingly.

How to Feed:

Wax worms are a perfect feeder insect treat for: bearded dragons, leopard geckos, frogs, turtles and other small to medium sized lizards or turtles. Feed waxworms as a treat to your pets. Waxworms are very high in fat and make great treats, but should not be used as a staple diet. 

Pack Sizes: 25pk and 50pk approx.