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Vetafarm Parrot B-Calm

Vetafarm Parrot B-Calm

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Parrot B-Calm is a functional complete pelleted diet formulated by avian veterinarians that provides balanced nutrition and supports the reduction of stress and anxiety with natural ingredients.

Made with amino acid L-Tryptophan, a natural precursor for the synthesis of serotonin in the brain, Parrot B-Calm provides non-drowsy, non-sedative action balanced with fresh Australian whole grains, vitamins, minerals and turmeric to support your bird’s health and wellbeing.

Formulated to aid assist in the management of stress and anxiety in companion parrots.

Non-drowsy, non-sedative action making it great for natural, long term use.

Functional complete diet for daily feeding, offering balanced nutrition to fulfill all core nutritional requirements.

Veterinary formulated complete diet specifically designed for birds that are prone to anxiety.

Provides optimum nutritional balance and L-tryptophan.