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Vetafarm Parrot Essentials 2kg

Vetafarm Parrot Essentials 2kg

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Vetafarm Parrot Essentials 2kg - Pelleted Bird Food Mix

Completely balanced extruded pellets suitable as a balanced diet for all parrots. The inclusion of 5% real fruit and 5% fresh nuts mixed through the pellets provides variety and is a great source of enrichment when compared to plain pellet diets.

Key Features:
Vetafarm pellets are veterinary formulated to provide complete nutrition and balance in the diet, however, they often offer little variety to the diet. Parrot Essentials covers both these crucial areas by supplying the balance needed for optimum health, while also offering variety into the daily diet with the inclusion of quality first grade and a pinch of seasonal nuts. Variety, balance and absolutely irresistible flavours all in one – without the use of added colours!

Recommended for:
All parrots, particularly pet birds, such as cockatiels, conures, ringnecks etc

Also Suitable for:
Breeding parrots.

Can use with:
Parrot Essentials is a complete diet; no additional dietary supplementation is necessary. If using Parrot Essentials for exotic breeding pairs, an additional calcium source such as D Nutrical is a welcome addition. Fruits and vegetables should be given as behavioural enrichment.