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Arcadia ProT5 UVB Light Kit 24w

Arcadia ProT5 UVB Light Kit 24w

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ProT5 is a highly adaptable lighting kit with high quality internal electronics, a high effective but removable reflector, power cable, fittings kit, FREE link cable and a high quality German T5 UVB tube.

This easy-to-use Kit can be fixed easily inside of a vivarium, rested upon a wire meshed glassed terrarium, hung above an enclosure or hung within (where safe to do so). Its sleek design and specially curved reflector will ensure that you take up less space but project as much light forward as possible.

The Kit also arrives with a FREE link cable which means that multiple units can be powered from a suitable single power source.

Pro T5 is ‘Small but mighty’. This is due to the type of reflector that is included. Easy to remove and clean, the reflector has 2 angles of reflection from each curve. This means that it projects high levels of UV-rich light directly beneath unit at around 12”/30cm to create a basking zone but then light also spreads out over distance to provides a wide flood. This will allow you to create a suitable UV-B provision for any species and over a suitably wide area.

14%: Upper index basking for an arid species, ideal for use in tall enclosures 40cm - 60cm from basking zone. Can be used on shorter terrariums with mesh lids to increase UVB penetration.

12%: Ideal for use in terrariums of around 30cm from the basking zone for Bearded Dragons or Blue Tongue Skinks.

6%: Suitable for low enclosures or for animals requiring low levels of UVB

Each Kit Includes:

  • T5 Fluorescent Lamp of your choice, 6%, 12% or 14% UVB.
  • Reflector kit and power lead
  • Fitting kit -Link Cable for joining multiple units (up to 10).


Total fitting length: 570mm Tube Length: 550mm 24w