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Topflite Pullet Grower Mash 5kg

Topflite Pullet Grower Mash 5kg

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The best diet for pullets is a balanced one. With this premium feed you’ll provide the perfectly combination of energy, protein and amino acids to promote good growth.

Premium feed also offers an ideal mix of calcium and phosphorus, with vitamin D for bone development and strength. The quality grain and protein sources ensure pullets are feeding at their best during this very important stage in life.

  • Specifically designed for growing pullets (8 to 18 weeks of age)
  • Helps overweight pullets maintain a healthy diet
  • Easy for pullets to feed on
  • The complete meal for growing chickens

Ingredients: Barley, canola, grass meal, linseed, lysine, maize, oats, peas, vitamins & minerals

Analysis: Protein 16%, Fibre 4%, Fat 2%