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Topflite Super Sprout 5kg

Topflite Super Sprout 5kg

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Topflite Super Soak & Sprout Seed Mix is an all natural superfood made up of sprout-able seed suitable for larger birds (cockatiel to macaw) Provides increased amino acids and antioxidants.

Soak this mix and let it sprout, then feed it to your birds for extra nutrition, vitamins and minerals for optimum bird health.

Ingredients: Maple peas, white peas, blue peas, buckwheat, mung beans, lentils, popcorn, whole maize, NZ sunflower, and wheat.

  • Luke warm water is best for rinsing to remove by-products generated by sprouting
  • Add Apple Cider Vinegar or Vetafarm Aviclens to the water to sterilise the water and help prevent the growth of bacteria whilst sprouting.
  • Maximum nutritional goodness is obtained when the sprout first appears
  • Mix with your bird’s favourite food for the first one or two days until they adjust to new type of feed
  • Refrigerate unused sprouts for 1-2 days. Rinse daily until used
  • For extra goodness add some fresh fruit and vegetables to the sprouted seed
  • NEVER feed old or spoiled sprouts. Sprouts should smell sweet and earthy, not sour.