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Arcadia ThermalZoo Pro

Arcadia ThermalZoo Pro

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Arcadia ThermalZooPro has been handmade from the finest materials and designed to create a usable flood of energy directly below the fitting.

ThermalZooPro has 2 independently switched heat sources and your choice of either 2 ProT5 fittings or 1 ProT5 and 1 JungleDawn-LED Bar.

Aracdia have adapted the best selling ProT5 and JungleDawn-LED BAR fixings to ensure that their projection of light cross with the heat sources below the fitting. This ensures a smooth flood of full-spectrum lighting over the whole terrestrial spectrum from UV to IR.

All enclosure types and styles require differing lamps to enable us as keepers to provide the correct quantity of heat and light to fulfil the needs of each species kept. Therefore, ThermalZooPro can be fitted with any lamp from the heating range and indeed 24w HO-T5 lamps to suit these needs. These include; SolarBaskingFloods, SolarBaskingSpots, Halogen Flood Lamps, Deep Heat Projectors, 80w D3 Basking Lamp and Ceramic Heaters. You can use D3 6%, D3+ 12% or DragonLamp 14% UV-B to provide correctly for your species. Please do use the projection charts on the box, in the owners booklet and on our website in order to make the correct choices. Use our free Lighting Guide to find out how much UV your species requires.

ThermalZoo Pro comes complete with 6% T5 tube/s, 1 x 100w Solar Flood and 1 x Deep Heat Projector 50w.