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Topflite Bird Butter

Topflite Bird Butter

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Topflite Bird Butter is a soft blend of peckable protein and fat for feeding garden wild birds. It’s clean, simple and as smooth as, well… butter.

Place the jar outside on a table or ledge, or twist the pot into your Bird Butter House and watch them come into land. After it’s pecked clean, either recycle the pot and pop in a fresh one, or wash it and fill with fruit, Wild Bird Energy Truffles or Wild Bird Seed Mix to change up the menu.

Rich in essential plant-based fats, Bird Butter gives your local birds a boost of energy when it's most needed. Peanut flour provides birds with a protein boost for longer-term sustenance and strong feather growth.

Your local birds will quickly learn which side their garden is buttered on!

  • Fuss-free, low waste bird feeding
  • Glass pots are recyclable or reusable
  • Likely to attract tauhou (waxeyes), sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and
  • Available in Forest Fruits or Sunflower
  • Clean, simple bird feeding for NZ gardens. 


Forest Fruits - Vegetable fat, wheat flour, peanut flour, NZ grown freeze-dried cherries, NZ grown freeze-dried blueberry skins.  

Sunflower - Vegetable fat, wheat flour, peanut flour, NZ grown sunflower seed.
Allergen Information – contains peanuts.

Size: 300g