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Topflite Rabbit Pellets

Topflite Rabbit Pellets

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Topflite Rabbit Pellets are specifically designed for growing and breeding rabbits and Guinea pigs. Made from quality fibre-rich ingredients, they’re perfect for your little furry friend.

  • Ideal for young, growing rabbits and Guinea pigs
  • High in fibre for a healthy animals

Feeding guide: Feed as part of a balanced diet with hay, veges and occasionally fruit. As the bulk of their diet (75%) should consist of quality hay, feed a one handful of pellets a day to your growing bunny or guinea pig. Always remember to keep fresh water available.

Ingredients: Barley, Peas, Grass Seed Meal, Soya Bean Meal, Canola, Linseed, Maize, Oats, Copra, Wheat, Wheat by-products, Molasses, Soya oil, Sodium Bentonite, Minerals and Vitamins.

Nutritional information: Protein 14%, Fibre 10% max, Fat 3% max.

Sizes: 5kg & 10kg