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Topflite Wild Bird Gourmet Hanging Treat

Topflite Wild Bird Gourmet Hanging Treat

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Like a delicious nougat bar you might find in the treat aisle at the local supermarket, these eye-catching bird treats are great to look at and, if you’re a New Zealand bird, even better to snack on.

Bonded with natural vegetable fat, these wild bird gourmet treats contain a mixture of delectable fruit and New Zealand grown seeds to provide a vital source of nutrition and essential fats for garden birds. Unlike many suet-based feed products, these hanging treats do not need to be refrigerated either – so you can store and hang them when they’re needed most..

  • Made in New Zealand.
  • A fuss-free way to attract birds to the garden.
  • This treat can attract silvereye, sparrow, tui, thrush, waxeye, rosella, pigeon and blackbird
  • The seed has been treated so it will not sprout in the garden.

Where to hang your bird feeder: Simply remove from the packaging and hang the treat in a tree, ensuring it is well out of predators’ reach. Preferably hang it somewhere where you can sit back in an old chair and watch your feathered friends enjoy this delicious NZ-grown treat.

Ingredients: Vegetable fat, Canary seed, White French Millet, Oats, Sunflower, Wheat, Weedseed, Sorghum, Maize, Dried Apricots, Millet spray heads.

Size: 115mm diameter x 25mm deep